Realtor Spotlight – Ross Herblin

This last week we had an opportunity to catch up with Ross Herblin from Armstrong Real Estate. Ross is a Dallas native who has been loving life in East Nashville for the past few year. Below is our interview with Ross!

“What do you enjoy most about being a Realtor?”  

I like to see memories being created. It is a process that starts with building a personal relationship, understanding the client’s vision, exceeding the client’s expectations. I value relationships and have a passion for people. My desire is to create a client for life.

“What was the last gift you received that really made you happy?”  

Silicone Ice molds.

“If you could sum up growing up in Texas in a single sentence, what would that sentence be?”  

Hot – it is seriously hot but  it must help keep the people’s hearts warm because everyone makes you feel right at home.

“If given a 7-day dream vacation, where would you go and who would you take?”

European backpacking –  I would go alone.  

“If a large room were full of your past clients, what would you hope to hear as a consensus of your character and what you do best?”  

That I come from a place of service, and that I do well at understanding the client’s vision, and exceeding their expectations.

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