Realtor Spotlight – Zack Brickner

It’s important for us at Magnolia Property Consultants to show love to the folks who have helped us along the way. Our Realtor Spotlight does just that. In this edition, we got to sit down with Zack Brickner with the City Living Group. Zack is a great Realtor and has been a great friend to Magnolia Property Consultants.
How did you become a Realtor?
The profession kind of fell into my lap. I was a couple months away from graduating college with an Environmental Sciences degree and my mother said I should look into a career in real estate. First of all, real estate allowed for me to highlight a strength, which is my interpersonal skills. It also allowed me to loosely use some environmental knowledge I learned through school and internships. Lastly, I was able to use my “native Nashvillian” persona to my advantage since the city is rapidly changing. All in all, I’m 25 and working on year 4 of real estate and couldn’t be happier!
What is your favorite about your clients that choose you as their Realtor?
I love a client that trusts me. As a Realtor, it’s my job to walk you through the searching, negotiation, and closing while giving advice along the way. Taking some of my advice definitely makes the process easier. I compare it like going to the doctors office and asking how to get over a cold. Most of the time you would listen to the doctor’s advice right? Same goes for real estate :).
What is your greatest priority when working with clients?
This one is easy: honesty is my biggest priority when working with clients. Honesty is the foundation that any client/provider relationship is built. As long as the clients understand and know that I am being 100% honest, the transaction goes smoothly no matter how long it takes.
What was the last gift you received that made you really happy?
My dad got me tickets to the NHL All-Star game last winter. Such a cool experience as a huge Nashville Predators fan.
If you were given financial support and manpower to throw a parade of any caliber in Nashville, what type of parade would it be?
Oh it would be a huge Mardi Gras type of parade. I’ve been down to New Orleans a couple of times and there’s really something special about the atmosphere of those parades. I wish that I could bring that feeling home to Nashville!
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